DAS & Small Cell Installation

NTSI expert technician team provide all system Install, commissioning and Acceptance test once installation is complete.

•  Design using iBwave
•  Cable Pulling : RF Coaxial and Fiber Optic
•  RF Testing      :  Insertion Loss
                                 Return Loss
                                 Antenna Characterization
                                 Distance to Fault
                                 Cable Distance
•  Fusion Splicing : Single / Multi Mode Fiber
•  Optic testing : OTDR
•  PIM Testing : Elevated noise floor indicates probable PIM issue
•  Signal Testing : CW, RSSI, Quality, Grid ….
•  Commissioning : Axell, Corning, Solid, ADRF, KMW,…

NTSI has a dedicated team of highly trained individuals that perform our PIM testing service. We make it a priority to train our technicians and engineers in the latest PIM technology. We are Kaelus PIM certified and we use the iPA  for our PIM and Sweep testing services. Upon completion of testing we provide a PDF report with Pass/Fail results based on either your thresholds or the industry standard along with a copy of the trace file. If a failure is encountered we have the ability to perform Distance to Fault measurements and have the capability to pin point the root cause of the issue. We also offer troubleshooting services and can find the source of your PIM issues. Our technicians and engineers are equipped to replace any faulty connectors we identify and have been certified by JMA for connector replacement.

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Our Latest Projects

Our experienced project managers engage themselves in every aspect of all wireless projects – site survey, system design, procurement, installation, commissioning and acceptance.

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