Cell Signal Enhancement

Business sounds great when phones are ringing and smart phones are humming.  But when plagued with dropped calls and lost service, the sound of frustrated customers and employees–or worse, silence–is anything but pleasing to your ears.  Or your bottom line.  NTSI  service designs cellular repeater systems that eliminate cell signal dead zones and weak spots, restoring harmony to your profitability. We combine 25 years expert knowledge with the highest quality FCC approved cellular booster products to fit the most demanding commercial applications.  From home office to sprawling warehouse complex, from high rise office tower to medical center campus, NTSI ensures you have the required cell signal strength wherever and whenever you need it in your building.

The architecture of multi-story buildings — walk-up condos to hi-rise office towers-poses a unique challenge to cellular networks, even the latest 4G iterations.  The predominant materials used in their construction are metal and concrete which impede and even block cellular signals as they attempt to get in and out of the building, even when in sight of a nearby cell tower.  And the more crowded the skyline around you, the more challenging it is to maintain a clear signal

In this day and age, people and businesses demand information, data, voice, streaming, and all available 24/7.  Anything less is simply unacceptable.  As a property or business owner, ensuring the long term satisfaction of your tenants is paramount, and today that means you must have a strong cellular and data signal in every corner on every floor of your building.

Use your mobile phone indoors
Amplifies cellular phone signals Enhances voices and data extends cellular phone battery life Works at Homes, Offices, Building, Warehouses and basement Apartments.

Custom Systems Solutions
NTSI provides complete consulting services to answer the many questions your facility may have about cell signal amplification equipment and installation. We will service the necessary time with you to ensure the optimal equipment is selected to solve your specific cell signal problem. The NTSI Service provides free site audit and design that enable our team to accurately prepare a site for the implementation of full capacity, cellular coverage solutions.

A Comprehensive Plan
These services provide evaluation and suggested design of space, optimal equipment and installation estimates, and detailed reporting of coverage area and the best possible solution for an integrated distributed antenna system. We will provide the best voice and data solutions that are cost effective as well as scalable to meet the eventual growth of your business or campus operations.

NTSI team is uniquely qualified with over 15 years of cellular amplifier development, equipment operations, and full building design and installation. We pride ourselves on keeping expenses to a minimum and within your specified budget.  Most of the work can be done via conference calls and emails. As needed, a NTSI professional will visit your site for a full evaluation and work with your onsite property management personnel to ensure a successful and customized proposal.

Custom Consult Service includes, but is not limited to the following:
Cellular voice and data signal evaluation and solutions proposal Site survey with our professional engineers Equipment selection and scalable growth considerations 3G/4G system cost estimates System implementation overview and roll-out options Each of our consulting and design solutions is directed by NTSI.

NTSI have the knowledge, best products and experience to solve your building cell signal problems. We provide for Consulting, sale, professional installation, tuning  of cell signal booster repeater on North Easter area.
Cell Phone Signal Enhancement Process


Simulation using iBwave
Our Cell Phone Enhancement services include:
High Rise Building
Health care
Large Building
SOHO Building