About US

NTSI has become a strong player in the wireless files service and Electrical installation markets as a provider of expert services that enable our customer to perform their more stratifications.
NTSI is  an In-Building Wireless :DAS(Distribute Antenna System) integrator that has been serving the greater D.C metropolitan, Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania, New Jersey area.
NTSI Cell Site Audit Services has a dedicated team of engineers, technicians, and drivers in field locations across the country to support nationwide carrier projects. NTSI has successfully completed over 9,800 Site Nation wide call site audit for wireless carriers.
We are committed to quality, cost effect and service for all of our In-Building Wireless and Cell site audit contracting customers as well as wireless carrier for wireless field support
Electrical Contractor, ( MD / VA )
General Radiotelephone Operator License, ( Federal Communication Commissions )
Patent :
“ Voltage controller oscillator using complementary”(US Patent 7,123,112)
“ LNA for Wireless telecommunication system”  (US Patent 7,266,360)